Chemicloud Review 2020 – Pros and Cons of ChemiCloud Hosting Plans

Chemicloud hosting

There are so many people in the world these days who are thinking of getting online and changing their business. Do you want to be at the start of the race and win it too? Then today is the time for you to get your website started. Because the most important aspect of doing business online or doing business over the Internet is the website.

In order to be present on the internet, there needs to be a website that really talks about the business the person is doing. You need to make sure that your website is the best and is safely bringing visitors back to the platform. It also helps you get more important things done for your business.

There are so many hosting providers out there these days. They are the ones who have absolutely promising plans and features. However, it is very important to test which provider keeps their promise.

Here in this article, we're going to be reviewing one of the top Chemicloud hosting providers. If you look at some of the hosting providers, you will come across their websites with so many promising features and points, but you need to test the hosting provider before actually using it or before making a decision to buy.

ChemiCloud hosting

ChemiCloud is one of the versatile hosting sites with various interesting features that are very beneficial for the users. Here in this article, we will detail the various exciting ChemiCloud hosting plans to use for your website.

Do you find so often that people think they need a designer or a full fledged web developer to build their website. This is not true. To make a good website, you need good hosting. Finding suitable hosting for the website is a very difficult task. This is what ChemiCloud offers.

To have a good website, you need to have good hosting and that should come from the hosting company you trust. Let me tell you that you have come to the right place on the internet. Here in this article, we're going to tell you which hosting provider to look into. And that is ChemiCloud hosting.

Here we will see the pros and cons of ChemiCloud hosting plans and we will also see the ChemiCloud 2020 review.

Come on let's see this ChemiCloud Review 2020 – Pros and Cons of ChemiCloud Hosting Plans.

Pricing for ChemiCloud hosting plans:

ChemiCloud's hosting plans are very simple and go well with this. Their prices start at around $ 3.95 / month and then this continues as planned. This $ 3.95 per month plan has some amazing features that are ready to go out of the box.

Chemicloud hosting plan

A very important feature of their hosting plans is that each hosting plan has unlimited bandwidth, free migrations, and a free domain for lifetime use. It also includes the free SSL and not to mention the free backup option which the hosting plan only works with, an added advantage over most hosting providers in the industry.

ChemiCloud offers three joint hosting plans. The best part is that they have options to choose from from all three plans they offer. Sweet among the three options that ChemiCloud offers its users.

Starter plan:

The ChemiCloud hosting starter plan starts at $ 2.76 per month. There are so many different features that you get with the ChemiCloud hosting starter plan, like a domain name, storage and 15 GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth and SSL certification.

This is a very economical plan for someone just starting their website. The plan that has been launched is economical and has many customers for ChemiCloud hosting.

Per plan:

The Pro plan is another economical plan for ChemiCloud hosting that they offer for $ 4.86 per month. This plan again includes some exciting features such as: B. 25 GB of storage space, which gives the user plenty of storage space.

They also offer unmeasured bandwidth which is one of the most exciting features of this ChemiCloud hosting plan. With the Pro-Plan of ChemiCloud hosting you also get domain names as an additional function.

Turbo plan:

ChemiCloud's Turbo plan starts at $ 7.66 per month. This plan is quite expensive compared to the other two plans. It is also because it comes with additional features. Some features that come with the Turbo plan are exceptional, such as: B. Unlimited bandwidth and domain.

It also supports 35 GB of SSD storage space etc. It also comes with a 3x more server than resources and also SSL, Cloudflare Railgun.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of ChemiCloud Hosting Review:

Advantages of ChemiCloud hosting:

ChemiCloud is one of the leading hosting providers in the industry. You have been at the top for 10 years. They are actively updated and are known to have made a contribution in the hosting space. They are also popularly known as the most reliable provider or hosting provider.

This applies to WordPress hosting. ChemCloud offers different types of offerings. Their plans include four types of hosting. Web hosting, reseller hosting, WordPress hosting and Cloud VPS. ChemiCloud offers an availability of 99.99%, which is combined with a guarantee on the hosting site itself.

This implies that the seer is very stable. One of the exciting features here is that they provide a daily backup of the website. So you don't have to worry about losing any information or data. The backups are stored for 30 days.

The main feature here is the customer service that is available 24/7. Their service is free.

Free domain for a lifetime – The best option or feature you get with ChemiCloud hosting is that it has a lifetime free domain. If someone registers with ChemiCloud once, he receives the domain as long as this person is your customer.

There are very few hosting companies that offer a domain for free, and ChemiCloud is one of those few companies that offers a free domain. The free domain can be ordered at the time of registration for the new or a new customer. This offer is aimed precisely at new customers.

You need to know that if you haven't signed up for a free domain at the time you sign up, there is still an option available. This only applies for 60 days after registration. That means from the time the hosting is activated.

Excellent customer support – They are also known for their very well established support. Your support takes the form of chats, tickets, phone calls, live chats, etc. The quickest way to connect with the ChemiCloud support team is with the lean and fast live chat option.

Their average response time is less than a minute and that makes them great customer service. Your employees are well trained and always give quick and easy actions to resolve or combat troubleshooting.

They are available 24/7 for customer service and never delay the calls they receive from customers.

There are so many competitors in the market when it comes to hosting. Hence, maintaining good customer relationships is very important for hosting companies and this is done excellently by ChemiCloud. This is made clear by the customer service.

Money-back guarantee within 45 days – ChemiCloud is also known for its fair practices. They have a 45 day money back guarantee from the company to its users. This also symbolizes that they are very confident that they are getting the most out of the best hosting services.

Because of this, they can maintain the industry standard money-back guarantee for 30 to a maximum of 45 days. It also means that users can use the hosting for a month. Then if a problem arises, you can return it and get your money back.

This feature applies to all reseller, shared and WordPress hosting plans. And for the VPS package, it's only 15 days.

Website security features – ChemiCloud, like any other hosting company, offers an adequate security feature. However, they also provide some additional security features to the plan. The added features are the ability to add the Site Lock, also known as (Lite). This will help you monitor the website.

This feature of SiteLock has one drawback: it is paid and a little more to fix and determine if there is any potential breach of the site or a threat from hacks.

Free website, cPanel migrations ChemiCloud helps users who are trying to migrate their website. This hosting comes in handy in such a situation. It is very easy to migrate the website with the help of ChemiCloud hosting. It takes 60 days after they sign up for ChemiCloud hosting to help users move websites.

This also helps with the migration of the databases, site files, scripts and also the domain names for a user. This also includes the full cPanel transmissions. For example, if the user is using multiple websites, this is also taken into account.

User-friendly hosting for beginners – ChemiCloud was specially developed for beginners in blogging and for webmasters. Here in ChemiCloud the user receives a cPanel, an interface that is intended for the operation and also for the administration of the websites.

Their user interface is very simple and very easy to use for beginners. There is no need to ask an experienced person for help or hire a designer to set up the website. Now the only thing left to do is build and manage your website without looking for help from ChemiCloud hosting.

Disadvantages of ChemiCloud hosting:

There are so many hosting companies in the digital space. In order to fight the competition and stand out from everyone else, ChemiCloud has used its maximum capabilities. At the same time, there are also some disadvantages of ChemiCloud hosting.

Lots of additional expenses or fees – There are so many additional fees that ChemiCloud charges in the form of "True" website builder, malware, email, etc. The most noticeable drawbacks are that the plans offered by ChemiCloud are very affordable and have an introductory price that starts at $ 2.76 / month that is for 36 months.

Let's look at some other downsides of ChemiCloud.

They have many plans and the cheapest one is the web hosting starter with a single domain, unmeasured bandwidth, just one click to install popular apps like Joomla, WordPress etc. 15GB of storage, SSL certification and much more.

This plan consists of all of the main features one would need to have a proper blog.

ChemiCloud also offers some of the standard plans. However, the additional payment plans will appear at the end when you sign out. All of these email collateral, SiteLock security, site builder for SEO tools, etc. come with an additional payment. Email security is $ 70.80 for two years, and $ 45.95 and $ 179.95 are charged for the SiteLock fix and search for two years.

Tricks like industry awards – They're smart at including two pricing tricks in the plans and redesigning them with industry standards. This is where the best of the best strategies are used to create the appearance of an industry standard. The first is to advertise the hosting as low-cost or low-cost hosting that offers its plans for $ 2.76 per month.

What you don't realize, however, is that you actually have to pay in full for the three years and then you get it. If you choose the two year plan, it comes at a price of $ 4.86 per month. All of this only happens at the beginning. Because there are constant reports that the price of this hosting will go up drastically once the startup plan is over.

But with all that said, it's also true that if you take up the three-year plan, you will get pretty good business.


ChemiCloud is more of a user-friendly hosting. The hosting experience here is very personal for the user and also practical due to its level of service. This is usually possible for a small extra charge when you compare it to the other big players.

ChemiCloud is known for its excellent customer support.

If you're a beginner, you should probably check out ChemiCloud hosting.

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