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Host Armada is a relatively new web hosting company, but after referring to their website and finding the features and functions of Host Armada, I am convinced that this web hosting company would provide excellent service and improve business skills well.

Here I have performed the detailed HostArmada Review and Services they offer on various parameters and given a detailed analysis of the company's general characteristics, features, and performance.

What is Host Armada?

Choosing the right and best web hosting services is always a key to success in the online world. If the web hosting services you are using are not working, regardless of its performance, your website will not function effectively and may affect your ongoing online business ventures.

Host Armada is the customer-centric hosting company. The services, prices, and various plans offered by the company are based on customer needs, market demands and changing trends in the industry.

Host Armada offers affordable, fast, and reliable web hosting solutions that provide 360-degree customer satisfaction.

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Host Armada: Mission

  • Satisfied costumers
  • Excellent service quality
  • Happy crew members

Host Armada: vision

  • transparency
  • innovation
  • tolerance
  • Spreading wisdom

Host Armada has an experienced and dedicated team that manages the hosting services offered to customers worldwide.

Before recommending a hosting company, I will review the company for its features and capabilities. Hosting provider's About Us section that appears on the company's website should be checked.

It gives a clear picture of the company and its mission and vision. It helps you have complete confidence in the company.

You can get many reviews of various hosting companies online that list user generated reviews based on complaints and personal experiences.

But my approach is different. I review every hosting company based on 15 parameters, the client support system and the creation of an account. It helps in testing all the parameters and allows you to make a better decision about the company and its feasibility.

HostArmada Review Features

Why should you host your website with Host Armada?

Below are the key parameters that make the company an exceptional personality and provide the best cloud hosting solutions to customers around the world.

Cloud-based services are the buzzword in today's hosting world. Everyone is looking for a cloud hosting service for their website. Host Armada provides affordable, reliable and secure cloud SSD web hosting service to its customers.

Host Armada offers a cloud-based shared hosting service with optimal availability and no hardware problems

On Host Armada, all of your websites are hosted on SSD storage and it is claimed that the websites use the best SSD drives to increase the speed of the website. The website stored on SSD drives is much more secure than the website hosted on HDD-based servers.

  • Single click application installation

This is the most common feature that is usually available from all other hosting providers. Host Armada also provides a useful feature of installing the applications with a single click.

I've seen many hosting companies provide the weekly backup, but Host Armada provides daily backup service to its customers. Backup is the most important aspect and is always taken into account when choosing the hosting company.

  • Powerful website security

Host Armada uses AI-based technologies to provide high-performance website security features to customers. It offers the optimal protection of the website against web attacks.

Host Armada offers the latest version of the Cpanel and helps with the easy administration of the website.

All Host Armada servers are equipped with a caching mechanism that can increase the speed of the website with minimal resources.

Host Armada provides sophisticated cloud-based web hosting services to clients and manages the server with complete control.

Customers shouldn't worry about the various applications and software used on the server, and focus on the company websites and blogs.

Host Armada

Host Armada plan and pricing review

Host Armada offers different plans and prices according to customer's requirements. Different plans have different prices and features.

Host Armada offers different types of hosting services to its customers such as cloud shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting. You can choose one of these services according to your needs.

However, if you are a newbie and are just starting a website, it is recommended to use the shared hosting option available on the hosting server and upgrade the server to your specifications.

Everyone has different needs and it is necessary to test the websites, find out what support services they offer and what server functions are available. The servers that are able to provide the required services are always beneficial to the clients in the long run.

Shared hosting for managed cloud SSDs

Host Armada's shared hosting plans and basic plans hosting pricing start at $ 1.20 per month and can go up to $ 2.69 per month.

HostArmada - Shared Hosting Pricing and Plan

Host Armada offers 3 shared hosting plans: Start Dock, Web Warp, and Speed ​​Reaper. Each plan has different features and you can choose the most suitable plan according to your needs.

Managed cloud SSD VPS hosting

Host Armada manages the cloud SSD VPS hosting services with full ROOT level with 99.9% availability and technical support services around the clock.

Host Armada has 4 different VPS hosting plans. These plans are Web Shuttle, Web Voyager, and Web Raider and Site Carrier.

The base price for VPS hosting starts at $ 41.21 per month.

HostArmada - VPS Hosting Price

Managed dedicated server hosting

Host Armada offers its clients a powerful dedicated server with full access. The price is affordable compared to other top hosting companies too

Node Js can be easily installed on the dedicated Host Armada server. The dedicated service plan starts at $ 149 per month

HostArmada - Dedicated server hosting

For more information on the hosting plan, see Host Armada

The prices quoted for the various hosting plans are very appropriate and perfectly match the various features and functions offered to customers with different needs.

Now let's discuss some additional Host Armada specifications and features:

Host Armada Review – Customer Technical Support

Host Armada has invested heavily in providing customer support. The company's approach is to focus on the customers' major and minor problems and provide immediate assistance.

The account managers provide 24/7 technical support to customers and you can always contact the customer service department. The client requests are sorted out immediately.

  • Host Armada claims that customer problems will be resolved within 10 minutes. The account managers will respond to any concerns raised by the customer.
  • Before writing the HostArmada review, I tested the live chat on weekends with the customer service representatives and found that the customer service representatives responded within a minute in the chat session.
  • Host Armada claims to resolve 99% of technical cases immediately with higher priority. It shows that the support managers have extensive technical knowledge and can easily understand the problems and offer appropriate solutions.
  • The remaining 1% of cases are also processed and resolved in a minimum period of time.
  • They claim to provide detailed and helpful answers to the support ticket raised by the customer.

How can you contact Host Armada?

  • Live Chat – The executives of the technical support team are available 24/7 in live chat and provide help with questions related to sales and support issues, as well as customer inquiries.
  • Telephone support – The telephone support service is available to customers and can be used for general or sales inquiries.
  • Support ticket – All technical problems are solved via the ticket system. The clients can log in via the admin panel.

Additional client support services offered by the Host Armada Support Team are:

Website support: Host Armada provides guidance on non-development issues that customers may face such as:

  • Transferring domains from other hosting providers
  • Install useful applications like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal etc.
  • Common errors and server problems can be fixed quickly.
  • Support and assistance are provided for hacked websites.

Domain Support Services – It fixes all domain related issues from registering a domain to domain forwarding.

Email support – E-mail service with advanced techniques is provided with complete Support. The e-mails can be adapted to the needs of the customer and are given a personal look and design.

SSH support – The SSH-related support services available are very effective. It helps keep the website running quickly and smoothly.

SSL support – It offers all kinds of support while you face this Problems related to the SSL installation or renewal of the certificate.

cPanel support – It can support and manage problems related to cPanel and also provides the basic training for using cPanel and its advanced features.

Host Armada availability – Host Armada guarantees its customers an industry standard availability of 99.9%. If your website goes offline for more than a guaranteed time, the company will compensate you for it.

Host Armada

Host Armada Review on – Security and Protection Offered

Let's review Host Armada's security and protection features. The security features are the most important aspects of any web hosting company.

Host Armada offers an all-in-one website. The website has advanced security options, has a thick layer of security firewalls, and protects blogs and websites from malicious attacks and viruses. As a result, the website runs without any problems.

Host Armada: Security Benefits

  • Fast patching
  • Daily backups
  • Isolation of the user account

Migration of websites

Host Armada offers a free website migration service to its customers. So if you are planning to change the hosting company, you can contact the Host Armada support team to transfer the website with ease.

Scalability options

Yes, Host Armada is best for startup blogs and for ongoing business. However, what about the server's scalability as your website grows? Host Armada offers fully scalable hosting services.

Updating the server specifications updates the resources according to the needs of the client.

However, you can get VPS hosting options or the dedicated server that you can set up as the business grows and grows.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Host Armada

Host Armada: professionals

The 10-shift QA test is very effective in testing the services provided by Host Armada. It helps in improving the performance of the services. The higher availability and the availability of the advanced features make web hosting a unique experience among various hosting plans including shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting.

  • Improved browsing speed:

Host Armada offers improved browsing speeds using a number of technologies. Even with this, high-end websites can be uploaded faster and customers can be at the top of the business world.

Using cloud technology helps lower the cost of hosting websites. It enables the exchange of advanced technologies along with various useful functions.

It is useful for controlling the cost of maintaining hardware and the cost of managing and sharing various services. Cloud hosting is very preferred by most of the users because of its limited cost.

Host Armada manages the data and enables remote data access. Cloud hosting offers high-performance accessibility and enables data to be stored securely using the Internet connection.

All of the web hosting services offered by Host Armada are kept up to date and can be updated immediately if necessary. The performance of the CPU can be improved according to the required processing speed and memory options. The traffic to the websites can be freely managed by expanding the technical requirements.

Host Armada: Cons

  • Cloud hosting limitations:

The Host Armada services provide the speed and space the websites need using the advanced cloud hosting for shared, VPS and dedicated hosting. However, Internet communications and other applications sometimes affect the services offered.

  • Limited use of shared resources:

Most servers can manage multiple websites and share the resources available. However, the server works slowly if there are too many apps loaded on it. In addition, the shared services can be restricted if problems arise on any of the websites.

  • Offers limited security options:

The shared hosting services often put pressure on the server that is shared by the clients. The overloaded servers may not provide complete security for the websites and other applications.

HostArmada Review – About Data Centers

Host Armada is a branded hosting company that has recently become popular with customers for its advanced hosting options, reasonable pricing, and minimal response support services.

The company offers the most reliable data centers in 9 different locations in 5 different countries worldwide. It offers faster connectivity and high quality support services.

The websites uploaded with Host Armada work efficiently because of the distance between the location of the closest data center and the customer's location. Customers can select the host center of their choice while hosting the website using the Host Armada features.

Host Armada data centers

  • USA West Fremont, CA.
  • USA Central Dallas, TX
  • USA East Newark, NJ
  • Southern Canada Toronto, ON
  • Europe London, UK
  • Europe Frankfurt, DE
  • Mumbai India, IN
  • Asia Singapore, SG
  • Sydney Australia, AU

Refund warranty

The Host Armada services are highly preferred by customers because of their advanced cloud hosting capabilities and the latest features. With the help of data centers, the company also offers excellent customer service worldwide.

Most hosting plans are affordable and have useful offers. The company offers its customers a 45-day money-back guarantee on their shared hosting plans. A 7-day money-back guarantee is also offered for VPS and dedicated services.

The company's refund policy ensures that customers are not asked questions while the amount is refunded when the customer requests a refund.

Try HostArmada, 45 Day Money Back Guarantee

Conclusion on the Host Armada Review

Hope you enjoyed this in-depth HostArmada review and help you decide on your hosting partner.

If you have any questions about Host Armada, feel free to let me know or leave a comment here to share your personal hosting review of Host Armada.

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