How to Find & Edit wp-config.php in cPanel


wp-config.php is a central WordPress configuration file that contains information about the website database such as username, database name and password. This file also contains other information such as site URLs and default folder locations.

You can edit the wp-config.php file when switching from one host to another to make changes to the databases if necessary. You can also change your domain name's URLs.

Here are the instructions on how to find and edit the wp-config.php file from your cPanel.


File manager > public_html > wp-config.php

Find wp-config.php

Log into your cPanel

Under files> File manager.

Click on File Manager.

Then click on the public_html Folder. All WordPress files will be opened. In this public_html Find folder wp-config.php File.

Edit wp-config.php

click on wp-config.php File to choose. First, click on "download”The wp-config.php file for backup on your PC in the event of a misconfiguration. Click on "to edit”To make changes or add code or details to the wp-config.php file.

After editing the file, click "save ChangesBlue button in the upper right corner.

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