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NEW YORK – TELEHOUSE America, a KDDI company and the world's leading provider of data centers, international Internet exchange and managed IT services, today announced the implementation of world-class physical security for its New York data centers with partner support. "We wanted a unified and modern security solution that supports the latest technologies to ensure the highest level of security, internal team efficiency and auditing / reporting functions to protect our customer resources," said Milad Abdelmessih, Telehouse Senior Director in the corporate division.

Telehouse America is known for its security measures, including monitored video surveillance and access control systems around the clock at each location to ensure that customer data remains fully protected and protected. The new system expands facilities from a legacy end-of-life system to a world-class multi-layer security system that spans the Staten Island and Manhattan locations.

The security teams monitor a total of 400 cameras and 400 doors with the Omnicast ™ video surveillance system and the Synergis ™ access control system of the Security Center. This increases security by fully monitoring all locations, including all data center suites, corridors, elevators and public areas. In essence, every door, every access point to the building and the data center is monitored and controlled by the access control system.

With this update, Telehouse can now monitor the locations through a map-based interface that allows nearby doors and cameras to be found quickly. The platform's open architecture includes a MAGOS radar perimeter detection system, which can be used to detect potential threats to the property line. This is essentially a virtual fence around the site.

An advanced intercom system with a built-in Sipelia intercom module that enables bidirectional calls between security center operators and intercom devices at doors and shipping docks. This includes integrating live video feeds to visually identify visitors and cardholders before access is granted or denied.

A completely modernized visitor management process includes the installation of BioConnect fingerprint and facial recognition and Deister key management technologies. Genetec ClearID ™ physical identity and access management modules automate visitor requests and maintain detailed audit trails for each visit.

The unified entry, access and exit system with fully integrated monitoring enables the operators of the security center to monitor visitor movements and, if necessary, quickly call up reports in order to conduct investigations.

With up to 50 strict audits per year, the new system transforms and simplifies the process through integrated reporting.

As a world class data center provider, Telehouse America prides itself on delivering world class facilities, technology and security. According to Abdelmessih, this latest upgrade, with the help of world-class system partners, ensures the continuation of this legacy for Telehouse customers and employees:

“Since implementing the unified Security Center platform, securing our website and managing our visitors has become much easier. This uniform security view allows our employees to see what is happening immediately and react. Even from an operational perspective, we offer our customers more value and security through detailed testing and reporting. I think Genetec will be a very long-term partner for us as we develop our security measures, ”concluded Abdelmessih.

For more information on this project, see the upcoming Telehouse case study at:

About Telehouse America
TELEHOUSE is a stable and trustworthy pioneer in carrier-neutral data center services, offering customers secure, power-protected environments in which to house and operate their telecommunications and network resources. One of the many advantages of using TELEHOUSE's colocation service is the global availability of 47 TELEHOUSE data centers in 23 cities in Asia, Africa, North America and EMEA. Customers can use IT connectivity all over the world continuously and cost-effectively.

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