Total Webhosting Solutions Acquires Two Ecommerce Hosting Companies

Skyberate Internet Solutions

The Netherlands-based group of Web hosting Companies, Total Webhosting Solutions (TWS)expands its e-commerce hosting specialty with the acquisitions of Skyberate and MageHost. With TWS, both e-commerce hosting companies can leverage their “strong” market position and accelerate growth in the years to come.

MageHost is located in Valkenswaard in the south of the Netherlands and is a high-end hosting specialist for Magento and Shopware. Skyberate is located in Doetinchem in the east of the Netherlands and is one of the largest e-commerce hosting companies in this country. The financial terms of the two transactions were not disclosed.

"The Dutch e-commerce hosting market is leading in Europe and growing rapidly," he said Matthieu van Amerongen, CEO of TWS. “The TWS ecosystem provides hosting companies with an environment where they can continue to focus on customer technology and support, while knowledge within the group can be transferred to other companies within the group. Every entrepreneur who brings their company to TWS strengthens the group and themselves because we create an environment in which entrepreneurs can learn from each other. Every new entrepreneur brings new experiences that are of value. We are therefore very excited to welcome Skyberate and MageHost to TWS to build the ultimate e-commerce hosting specialist. "


MageHost delivers specialty hosting to large and demanding web shops where performance, security and support are of paramount importance. Jeroen Vermeulen started MageHost in 2012 and has seen rapid growth in recent years. His deep knowledge and expertise would enable him to offer the best performance with various intelligent tools and extensive automation. Joining TWS would ensure that Jeroen and his team can continue to focus on the technical development of the platform, while operational and commercial matters are supported by a strong partner.

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"By joining TWS, I can continue to concentrate fully on the technical development of the platform, with TWS taking care of the administrative and operational matters," he said Jeroen Vermeulen, the previous owner of MageHost. “Given the company's rapid growth, now was the right time to enter into this partnership. This way, customers can rest assured that they are getting the best ecommerce web hosting and service levels that come with it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. "


For the past 17 years, Skyberate has specialized in hosting Magento, WordPress and Shopware platforms. The market-oriented model of TWS would secure the current focus of Skyberate. TWS offers the company the opportunity to grow and develop innovations in order to further expand its "leading" position.

Jeffrey Brussen"We are seeing that there is consolidation in the hosting market and have decided that the best thing to do is to transfer the business to a party that can take the company further internationally," said Jeffrey Brussen, former owner of Skyberate.

"After 17 years, the time has come for the company and for me as an entrepreneur to take the next step," he said Jeffrey Brussen, the previous owner of Skyberate. “We are seeing a consolidation in the hosting market and have decided to transfer the business to a party who can also advance the company internationally. By working with and learning from TWS sister organizations like Savvii and MageHost Skyberate can guarantee service and performance in the future and continue to invest in new relevant services for our customers. The long-term growth and continuous development of Skyberate are in good hands with TWS. That was an important consideration for us to choose TWS. "

Total Webhosting Solutions (TWS) would provide financial security, strategic guidance, and best practices for the web hosting company that owns it. Other companies under the umbrella of TWS These include Yourhosting, Versio, PCextreme, RealHosting, DeHeeg, Savvii, Provider, Neostrada, InforTelecom, Axarnet, SoHosted, Argeweb, Flexwebhosting, Alphamega, Sitebytes,, RAN networks, SingularWeb, Domeinbalie and Nerion.

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